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CHAOMEI 6002-2 FFP2 TYPE IIR sterile


Our medical, sterile FFP2 TYPE IIR. Highest quality, maximum protection, and comfort.

The mask marked with an R is also resistant to liquid splashes from the outside and has a lower breathing resistance so that you can breathe easier than with conventional masks.


Around 90% of the FFP2 masks on the market are NOT real professional FFP2 masks and therefore do not offer reliable protection. Before the corona pandemic, such masks were not available. In addition, most of the FFP2 masks used in healthcare facilities are unfortunately pure FFP2 dust masks for industry and not certified for protection against germs, liquids, and blood. And even worse is the fact that most people in health care facilities still wear cheap so-called "civilian" FFP2 masks that should never have been approved for use by health workers, except the time when professional masks were still in short supply. Unfortunately, health is still where most of the money is saved until it is too late.

Additionally, FFP2 masks can only reliably protect the wearer themselves if the strap is attached behind the head and not behind the ears!

Our other important products to protect against COVID-19 and germs

"CM" FFP2 F-Y3-A

Professional FFP2 respirator of the highest quality from the market leader. - Maximum safety: Compared to the unprofessional masks with ear loops, this mask has an elastic band that adapts to the shape of the face and thus ensures a secure fit of the mask without gaps, without pressure behind the ears or protruding ears - Absorbent sponge filter in the nose area ensures comfort and reduces fogging of the glasses Beware of counterfeits in stores!

Protective clothing

Protective clothing and accessories from the renowned German manufacturer "DACH".

"KLC" ULPA Air Steriliser

> Installed with U15 ULPA mini-pleat filter, effectively capture microparticles no less than 0.12 micron, filtration efficiency as high as 99.999%, which is 1000 times of the filtration efficiency of an N95 medical protective mask. > Offers fully automatic bacteria and virus sterilisation, silently, tastelessly, non-toxic, harmlessly and 7x24 hours uninterrupted. > Patented, fully automatic, ultra-quiet and no dead angle suction design. > Integrated UVC lamp.


Room UV disinfection + air purification in a single device - Can be used anywhere: hospitals, intensive care units, medical practices, nursing homes, laboratories, industry, restaurants, offices, schools, theaters,..., - Kills / inactivates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria - Ozone-free UV radiation - Motion detection sensor: automatic lighting when a human body is detected - Wireless control: bluetooth / tablet

ICANCLAVE - Autoclaves

All ICANCLAVES autoclaves accomplished the control and quality standards for sterilising wrapped, unwrapped, liquid, porous and prion products. They can be used in the fields of general medical, dental, beauty, laboratory, veterinary, tattoo, body piercing, hairdressing, etc. - Made under most strictly European standard EN13060 - TUV Rheinland certification - Medical certification ISO13485 and CMDCAS

Medical Face Shield Visor

To be used as additional and accessory protective equipment in the medical, professional and private environment to protect the facial area against aerosol droplets, sprays and splashes of body fluids. - Low weight - Anti-fog and anti-static - Free of latex and fibreglass - Foam headband to relieve pressure

Surgical Masks Typ IIR
Sterillium® Virugard
Bacillol® AF
Sterillium® med

High-quality products from the known German manufacturer Meditrade.


Gloves, protective clothing.