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Medical mask type II R especially for children.


Provides the same advanced protection as Type II, but with added resistance to splashes from blood and other body fluids (R stands for "resistant").

Filters at least 98% of bacteria from the air.


Important note for our customers: Please note that the majority of commercially available surgical masks are only classified as Type I, which means that they only provide basic protection. In addition, normal surgical masks are not suitable for children.


Medical masks for children type II R (10 pieces)

VAT Included
  •  Surgical masks for children aged 6 and over.

    - Made in Spain.

    - ISO 13485 certification for quality guarantee.

    - Type II R filtration ≥ 99 %.

    - Without latex and graphene.

    - Pleated design for greater protection and safety.

    - Breathable, comfortable and with adjustable nose clip.

    - Suitable for medical and personal use in various environments.

    Package contents: 10 pieces

    Usable until 08/2024

    Price including 17% VAT.

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