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Surgical mask type II R

Provides the same advanced protection as Type II, but with added resistance to splashes from blood and other body fluids (R stands for "resistant").

Filters at least 98% of bacteria from the air.


Important note for our customers: Please note that the majority of commercially available surgical masks are only classified as Type I, which means that they only provide basic protection.

Suavel® Protec surgical mask Type II R REF 80-902 (50 pieces)

SKU: 80-902
VAT Included
  • - Surgical mask according to EN 14683, type II R

    - 3-layer, blue exterior

    - Bacterial filter efficiency ≥ 98%

    - elastic ear loops

    - for single use

    - unsterile

    - Package contents: 50 pieces

    Usable until 10/2026

    Price including 17% VAT.

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