Non-invasive body sculpting
Cryo (Cold) Lipo (fat) Lysis (destruction) - Reduce fat by freezing

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KRYO ST, a state-of-the-art painless non-invasive treatment that is highly effective in the treatment of localized fat.


----> NONE or FEWER side effects compared to cryolipolysis therapy with vacuums.

The device can treat 4 different zones or even two people at the same time in one session. Easy to use, no training needed.

This equipment uses the cryoliporeduction technique, which consists of applying cold to fatty tissue, in a controlled way and for a specific amount of time.


Several clinical studies have shown that subjecting a specific part of the body with accumulated fat to intense cold produces the inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and increases the basal metabolism, thereby managing to destroy the adipocytes or fat cells (cell apoptosis), but without damaging the surrounding tissues, as these are hardly sensitive to the cold.

Kryo ST is a highly effective treatment, designed to reduce localized fat on the abdomen, arms, the sides of the body, thighs, and buttocks. It is suitable for women and men.

Made by Termosalud Spain.
4 languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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