COVID-19 Rapid Tests

ATTENTION: Most rapid tests on the market do NOT have CE certification as self-test (for persons without medical education), and are only exceptionally permitted in some countries for an indefinite period of time for laypeople. There are currently very few companies in the world that have passed this OTC self-test CE0123 certification. All of our self-tests are CE-certified for laypersons and can also detect mutations of the Coronavirus. According to a new study from Germany, many tests have a too low sensitivity and even some a sensitivity of 0 % compared to a PCR with CT over 25. Beware of dealers who offer copies!
We offer the most reliable tests and also tests with the highest sensitivity (according to the latest independent studies).
We are the Distributor for the following high-performance COVID-19 Tests:

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests

-WeSail Biotech COVID-19 Ag
-Green Spring COVID-19 Ag
-NG Biotech Ninonasal
-Abbott Panbio
-Siemens Clinitest

COVID-19 Antibody (IgG/IgM) Rapid Tests

-WeSail Biotech COVID-19 lgM/IgG
-NG Biotech - NG Test

We deliver to ministries of health, health institutions, pharmacies, resellers, companies, associations, charities and private individuals.

- For best protection, we recommend our medical sterile FFP2 TYPE IIR.

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