COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Don't gamble with your health: There are many different COVID-19 rapid tests available. We ONLY supply COVID-19 rapid tests with high sensitivity and specificity from renowned manufacturers. We do not offer cheap rapid tests with low sensitivity / specificity or whose reliability cannot be guaranteed. Remember the scandals with the FFP2 masks, where despite the certificate, most of them filter insufficiently or are of inferior quality. This error should NOT be repeated with the COVID-19 rapid tests!


We are the Distributor for the following high-performance COVID-19 Tests:







COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests

  • PANBIO (Abbott) - Sensitivity 98.1%

  • Ninonasal (NG Biotech France) - Sensitivity 98%

  • Clinitest (Siemens) - Sensitivity 97.25%

  • Lepu Medical - Sensitivity 92%

(Update May 2021: Due to the much lower sensitivity compared to our other tests ( Panbio,  Ninonasal, Clinitest),

we will remove the Lepu Medical tests from our range).

COVID-19 Antibody (IgG/IgM) Rapid Tests

  • NG Test (NG Biotech France)

  • Panbio (Abbott)

We deliver to ministries of health, health institutions, pharmacies, resellers, companies, associations, charities and private individuals.

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