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Medical Aesthetics & Beauty



Diagnostics & Medical Equipment

Cleaning & Sterilisation


for professional and private use


Medical Aesthetics & Beauty

- Radiofrequency (RF)

- Micro Needling

- Laser

- Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

- Electroporation

- High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

- Mesotherapy

- Cryolipolysis

- Microcurrent

- Cleansing and Peeling

- Cosmeceuticals

- Derma Fillers

Organic Makeup / Luxurious Cosmetics

- LED Phototherapy

- Shock Wave Therapy

- Sunscreen Protection

- Beauty Beds & Accessories

- Body Composition Analysis



- Shock Wave Therapy
- CANALI System - Strength and Flexiblity
- Ultrasound Therapy
- Whole Body Vibration Therapy
- Passive Rehabilitation Equipment
- Physiotherapy/Massage Beds



- CANALI Auxotonic Strength Equipment
- Strength Equipment
- Cardio Equipment
- Whole Body Vibration Training
- Flexibility Equipment
- Body Composition Analysis



- Body Composition Analysis (BIA)
- Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)
- Skin Analysis
- Vital Signs Monitor
- Medical Pulse Oximeter

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- Stirrer
- Homogenizer
- Air Sterilizer
- Autoclave
- Dipslides and Incubators

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- Nutraceuticals

- Complementary Medicine Products

- Hemp Cannabinoids (Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol)

- Aromatherapy Products

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Proudly Introducing

Based in Luxembourg, we serve professional and private customers worldwide!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

With us, You do not have to wait days and weeks for feedback or service!

We will never recommend a device or product of which we are not convinced!

We Guarantee You the best price!

+ additional discounts for independent aid/charity organizations and non-profit associations.

Many distributors/resellers aim to sell as many devices/products as possible and as expensive as possible which is not reprehensible, because it is a business, and the companies want to make as much profit as possible.

However, they mostly do not give independent or scientific advice.

Very often a device is recommended and sold to You, where another and even cheaper device would have been more suitable for Your activity.

Many devices are aggressively marketed, although independent scientific studies have concluded that the technology of these devices cannot be recommended.

Most people also believe that the higher the price, the better the quality; therefore, many devices are offered overpriced.


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